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We offer design thinking-based and technology driven services in digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation.

Get Real Health

A comprehensive wellness experience

GRH came to us to revamp the mobile version in preparation for a critical conference. Using a combination of best practices and creative problem solving, we evaluated the current product, wireframed, and visually designed a clickable prototype thus paving the road for success.


Data layering and user segmentation

SocialCode is digital media management platform that provides audience, performance, and campaign insights. Their API access consolidates reporting across all major platforms. Our challenge was to come up with a new and innovative way to visualize and segment audiences to raise efficiency and discover possible audience extensions that would not be obvious without the tool.

We successfully created an innovative product that unlocks new potential for SocialCode’s clients. The design was extremely well received by the executives and the client. The deep analytical tools give new power to the analysts as they raise the efficiency and reach of their targeting.


The next generation of investing

We helped tZero use innovative thinking and human-centered design to create a meaningful customer experience.

How do we do it?

We believe in collaboration and co-creation.

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Intuitive orchestration software

UBiqube came to us for help in redesigning their MSActivator product. They had a wide range of customers, differing in size, structure, and usage of their product. Our challenge was to understand the industry and create a design that met these differing needs and use cases in an intuitive way.

The result is a streamlined user interface with workflows optimized for efficient navigation, content location and performing of user actions within a flexible system designed to adapt to UBiqube’s customer needs.

Alabama Power

Smart, augmented & location-based services

We completely redesigned the way that people interact with lakes allowing people to explore, engage and enjoy. Through innovative solutions our augmented reality users can enjoy a new way to explore nature and community activities at the lake.


Seamless and Intuitive User Experience

The Tenovos digital marketing supply chain enables enterprises to deploy end-to-end visibility and optimization with significant return on investment (ROI) and minimal risk. 

We created a new visual experience that feels fresh, engaging and provides the Tenovos users an enablement for the full management of asset management and campaign deliveries all in the one place. 

Our approach is a flexible and adaptive one.

We believe human-centered design requires determining what are the true needs of the user and then combining those with the evolving goals of the business.

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Sales consultant digital experiences

Belcorp came to us to improve the overall user experience of the platform while also having the ability to scale for new features in the future. Our goals were to improve the digital experience, create higher adoption, observe and understand different work environments, create higher ticket prices, and create a strategic plan.

Through engaging and understanding the customer, we were successful in discovering key market insights to deliver a streamlined user experience across multiple Belcorp digital products. We additionally provided Belcorp with a strategic CX roadmap to further support and maintain the UX efforts. 

Verifone Carbon

The next generation of in-store customer purchase experiences

The final result was an entirely new and award winning Android-based POS that has helped modernize Verifone to better position themselves in the market.

HPD Housing Lottery Digital Transformation

The NYC Housing Lottery offers affordable rent-stabilized apartments to New York households with low and middle-income. The popular government funded initiative had a convoluted application process, with a complex verification system and many internal sensitivities. The application and screening process was done across a multitude of spreadsheets and databases, causing a lot of heavy lifting for HPD staff and confusion for applicants.

The NYC Housing Team asked Momentum to improve the overall user experience for the lottery submission application process. In the end, we were able to simplify the way users applied for affordable housing and ensured that this new experience not only worked on desktop, but on mobile as well.

How do we thrive?

By translating insights into impactful experience strategy, crafting experience frameworks, re-imaging systems and streamlining processes.

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Cronos 'The Sphere'

A Global Telecommunication Ecosystem

We were asked to design and deliver ‘The Sphere’ platform to solve for existing problems with streamlined business processes to reduce operating costs, and to partner in pioneering real-time-buying for telecom on a global scale, based on blockchain technology.

We had a great experience solving for the problems on this project. Working as a team in multiple time zones, in an environment that was ever changing kept us moving at a fast pace, but at the end we were able to deliver to the client an innovative product that is an industry game changer.