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Get Real Health

A comprehensive wellness experience

GRH came to us to revamp the mobile version in preparation for a critical conference. Using a combination of best practices and creative problem solving, we evaluated the current product, wireframed, and visually designed a clickable prototype thus paving the road for success.

Alabama Power

Smart, augmented & location-based services

We completely redesigned the way that people interact with lakes allowing people to explore, engage and enjoy. Through innovative solutions our augmented reality users can enjoy a new way to explore nature and community activities at the lake.

Social Code

Data layering and user segmentation

SocialCode is digital media management platform that provides audience, performance, and campaign insights. Their API access consolidates reporting across all major platforms. Our challenge was to come up with a new and innovative way to visualize and segment audiences to raise efficiency and discover possible audience extensions that would not be obvious without the tool.

We successfully created an innovative product that unlocks new potential for Social Code’s clients. The design was extremely well received by the executives and the client. The deep analytical tools give new power to the analysts as they raise the efficiency and reach of their targeting.

How do we do it?

We believe in collaboration and co-creation.

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Healthcare Workforce Staffing & Administration

We began with research that would give us the direction for our design. We improved navigation through an organized IA and by creating a dashboard. Standardizing forms and assignments by reusing modular components allowed users to quickly fill out and scan information. A flexible visual design let AMN apply the same design across their different brands. We are privileged to be able to help AMN produce a platform that will help staff organizations.


Enterprise content management redefined

The final result was a lightweight ecosystem of applications that could be used independently or together to accomplish enterprise app functionality while using a beautiful user-friendly interface.

Manifold Technology

Data layering & user segmentation

We delivered two products that helped Manifold Technology communicate the value proposition of asset liquidity. As a result, they were able to raise capital from institutional investors.

Our approach is a flexible and adaptive one.

We believe human-centered design requires determining what are the true needs of the user and then combining those with the evolving goals of the business.

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Robust campaign management metrics - uncovering the needle in the data stack

Through brainstorming and solidifying behavioral patterns before designing, we provided multiple concepts for the client to choose. We implemented cards, color, and the option to toggle views. In the end, we successfully created a product for the client that lets their users easily break down and analyze their advertisement campaign data.


Visualizing real-time data streams

Through explorations and iterations, we designed a dashboard and detail page that is not only aesthetically fresh and appealing, but also usable.


Data appending and audience insights

TowerData came to us to redesign their whole website with the vision that they wanted to stand out from the vast majority of competitors in the email marketing space. Despite how powerful it is, the tool needs to be still intuitive, easy-to-use and beautiful. They wanted to use design to communicate to their user that TowerData not only provides a broad range of services but also goes deep into each of them.

With all these requirements in mind, we helped them to rework the sign-up/login flow, onboarding flow, reviewing results flow, checkout flow, dashboard and API page.

How do we thrive?

By translating insights into impactful experience strategy, crafting experience frameworks, re-imaging systems and streamlining processes.

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Verifone Carbon

The next generation of in-store customer purchase experiences

The final result was an entirely new and award winning Android-based POS that has helped modernize Verifone to better position themselves in the market.


Redefining the internet

Our team had to learn some of the complexities of setting up long distance optical networks to be able to design effective visualizations for an audience that is not deeply technical. The resulting prototype allowed us to explore 3D visualizations for complex networks all the while remaining accessible.

Kony Field Service


Starting from identifying issues with the application demo provided to us, we designed to solve those problems and simplify the workflow. Overall, we helped Kony create an app that can be used in any field situation and increases the efficiency of the workers.

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