Customers: We ♥ Startups

Over the past 18 years, we’ve had the opportunity to change the narrative of hundreds of startups across the globe. Our focus on service-driven experience design has helped more than 52 percent of our customers move the needle from innovative ideas to success stories through funding rounds, acquisitions, and IPOs. With a net outcome of more than $34B in financial transactions, we are proud of our partners, many of whom are listed here.

Our story is riddled with the successes of startups like The Facebook, SuccessFactors, Birst, Vintek, ChangeTip, CloudSimple, Gainsight, Updater, Cofluent,, Yieldex, Appirio, Instamed, Krux Digital, TimelineLabs, Tekion, Involver, Soha Systems, and many more. Their leaders considered us a trusted, experienced partner from their humble beginnings, helping to change the course of their businesses to become who they are today. Each project started with an idea to disrupt the status quo and deliver a product that helped consumers and businesses change their behaviors. 

These stories all have a common theme — founders with vision and technical expertise who chose us to provide them with just a little push to get to the next level of their product’s experiences. They dared to be brave.

We’ve had the fortune to help create new emerging markets such as IoT, Semantic Search, Blockchain, Proximity Based Marketing, Natural Language Processing, Edge Computing, Social Marketing, and Kubernetes. And we look at these as gifts from our customer founders each day.   

Momentum’s core vision is a positive outcome of the Dotcom bubble burst. We took our learnings, gathered from the heart of Silicon Valley — San Mateo, CA and created an adaptable product experience design process that helps streamline the complexities of our clients’ ideas and/or existing platforms. From design sprints to design thinking processes we have driven innovation so as to change the way we all perceive software. 

Our group of thinkers, dreamers and creators mirrors the customer teams we work with. And our alumni have taken our same ideals to lead teams at Slack, Intuit, Google, Clover Health, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, Airbnb, Adobe, Square, Microsoft, Samsung, LinkedIn and Silicon Valley Bank. 

Software – we know it well, it’s been in our DNA since the outset of the business. Founded by software industry experts from product management and user centered design, we continued our lives inside the agency to compel those that work with us to embrace product user experience design as part of their product development release cycles. Oftentimes operating hand and hand with founders, executives and product visionaries to solve for their gaps in design, product management, software development and product marketing. We’ve been the catalyst for creating cohesive experiences that span across the overall product experience lifecycle from the way product is marketed to prospects, onboarding, product usage, churn prevention, and customer management. 

We live and breathe product so much that we’ve even had our own successful internal startups and partnered in a few great stories of our own. This has continued to be a differentiator in our approach as we understand the inner workings of startups and what makes them tick. 

Each customer’s unique needs drive our approach and we adapt to what’s next. We’ve been brought in to conceptualize a new product idea for customer or investor pitch, to get right in the weeds as an extra pair of hands for design or development teams, to participate in product pivot design processes, to reimagined platforms to be more customer centric via usability and visual updates, to help companies set up their product or design ops, and to take a design thinking approach for the next big thing in their product arsenal. 

Ever innovating, we’re developed UX Bursts, a less intensive process that delivers a powerful punch, for customers that need a quick infusion of product vision and strategy.

We’ve grown right along with start-up industry, setting up shop in the disruptive markets of New York City, London and Sydney to provide you with local support. We’re always looking for the next big thing and are up for the challenge. If you find yourself in need, reach out.