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Your Back-end Devs are Coding Javascript

A common scenario: you have a start up and already have an MVP out the door and in the wild. That’s great! But your UX is in dire need of help. You have a small and mighty team of back-end developer(s), however since your app is so popular and you have goals to meet, your team has been busy with trying to scale your platform and you simply do not have the time to focus on getting the front-end right. You already had the foresight to go with an extensible JavaScript framework like Angular+Bootstrap, however, front-end development really isn’t something your team specializes in and its turning out to be spaghetti code on top of being unusable. For some added pressure, despite your growth, the VCs like your concept, but think your user experience needs some more work before they see it as a viable product.

Another common scenario: you have a complex set of business logic and your team has spent an enormous amount of time over the past 5-15 years creating a highly scalable, service oriented architecture. Due to this, your team has the profile of 10x backend developers focused on performance. To accommodate the needs for a user interface, you’ve tasked your developers to create something, however, it’s being generated from the server side and using 10 year old HTML/CSS methods or a hodgepodge of outdated javascript libraries. Over the past few years some new competitors with better customer user experiences have started to eat up your market share.

These scenarios are not uncommon and this is where Momentum Design Lab comes in. In partnering with our team of UX designers and front-end developers, your back-end team can focus on performance, maintenance, and upgrades.