Design: Speaking at General Assembly UX Class

We were invited to speak at Beverly May’s UX class at General Assembly in San Francisco.   Beverly, who also organizes the UX Awards event every year, is both a professor and practitioner of UX with many years in the industry.  I polished up a presentation I had been working on for startup incubators and UX beginners titled “UX Survival Guide.”   In my presentation, I reviewed with the students some general philosophies, methodologies, in addition to discussing some trends and tips.  My favorite part of the presentation, and I think what was most engaging to the students, was where we explored some common myths about UX.   One myth I often try and dispel at Momentum include the idea that email is not a crucial element to the UX of an application.  On the contrary, if done right, email can be one of the most engaging parts of an application and is often one of the early touch points of an application.  In all my years of speaking, I’ve never met a more confident, prepared and passionate group of folks.  I’m really looking forward to what this new group of UX students will contribute.