Enterprise Software: Soha Official Launch

In our business, we get to work with a wide variety of very interesting people and companies. We get to help established companies and startups. Startups are challenging because we need to accomplish a lot with either very little time, or budget, or both! It is always a fun challenge because it pushes us to be more creative and resourceful. We always learn something new from these collaborations.

But, by far, the best aspect of working with startups is when they get traction and come out of the shadows. It is very rewarding for our team to know that we contributed to our client’s success as they reach for their dreams. This week, one such client just came out of the shadows in a big way.

Soha officially launched this week after raising almost $10M. We worked with them last year to design key elements of their product as well as refining the UX. It was a blast and it’s great to see their work (and ours!) hit the spotlight. The team at Soha is awesome and all of us at Momentum Design Lab wish them great success!