Verifone Carbon

The next generation of in-store customer purchase experiences

Created an entire platform for Verifone's latest Point of Sale (POS) system.

The Challenge

We designed a completely new Android based POS system for businesses that require more open and highly customizable experiences. This new device is being used to modernize the next generation of Verifone point of sale devices while maintaining their well-known brand.

Information Architecture

We executed the project in tight collaboration with our client through multiple workshops and work sessions. These sessions played a crucial role in defining the product requirements and goals as we were designing an entirely new product and marketplace.

As part of the initial project to create the POS application, we proceeded with defining the information architecture. The IA uncovered the need for a larger ecosystem of support portals. We proceeded in defining this larger IA and establishing all the support portal required for a successful product launch.

“I would highlight Momentum’s discovery process and the delivery of the information architecture.”

Director of Product Management

Concept Exploration

We created two distinct design concepts, each taking a different approach to look and feel and interactions.


We designed wireframes for each of the main applications, focusing on interactions and user flows instead of visual design.

App Ecosystem

Manual Transactions

Manual Transaction is one of the most used micro applications. This application is supposed to be used by cashier to perform actions such as perform cash & credit card transactions, refund transactions, run an inventory and review purchase history.

Portals Dashboard

We designed an internal app that has several portals for different types of users – estate owners, merchants, developers & developer supports. Estate owners are supposed to troubleshoot all the POS devices, track the issues or failures. Within this portal admins would filter down devices by geo map location and scan all the devices in real time. They can perform a lot of things remotely which make this tool really powerful. Sales people would see the total sales and revenue of the app that are currently on the market.

Design UI Kit

When the Visual design was finalized we prepared a detailed Branding Guidelines for the whole platform. We defined all the states for each and every element within the product.

Result: a System of Applications

What started as the design of a POS system, the scope grew to include the design of micro applications and support portals. Our work was crucial in creating the necessary software support for a successful hardware launch. The final result was an entirely new Android-based POS that has helped modernize Verifone to better position themselves in the market.

Verifone Carbon won a 2017 If Design Award.