The next generation of investing

A product redesign, using technology to bring intelligent and affordable investing to everyone.

The Challenge

The tZERO Advisors team came to us for help in the revitalization of their brand and website, to target a younger, broader audience. Our challenges were to simplify their lengthy customer onboarding process, improve the overall usability of their website interface and to establish a new narrative to communicate who tZERO Advisors are, what they do, and what benefits their new and expanded target audience can expect from them.

The Solution

New Narrative

One of the biggest  changes we introduced with improving the experience is the overall site narrative. This change helps us prepare the user for what’s to come when they finally decide to go through with the onboarding.

Helping the User Make Decision

Another big change is surfacing more information to help the users make decisions. The more we present them, the more they are equipped and confident in engaging with your service.

Value Per Action

We also improved the experience by giving value to each action the user is doing. From big changes like having big rewards for doing  chunks of a form, to small rewards like interface changes and visual states to create an experience that makes the user feel more accomplished as they progress through the site.

Keeping the User in the Application

We’ve also revised the onboarding process to ensure that the user stays in the application.  Going outside of the application make tZERO lose their connection with their potential client and potentially abandoning the sign up process, this new flow makes sure the client finishes all the requirements to ensure conversion.


We helped tZero use innovative thinking and human-centered design to create a meaningful customer experience. The new onboarding experience feels shorter and makes sure that the user does not fall off the flow because of their old onboarding mechanics. We’ve also introduced new assets such as illustrations and copy to tighten up their identity. All in all, we’ve created a new and unique experience for tZERO Advisors.

What We Did

Expert Evaluation

The requirements of this product redesign led us into performing an expert evaluation into their current product to derive insights about the application and the tZERO business model. We started by conducting  a mini-heuristic review of of the product to inform our recommendations for product improvements and ensure the Client team was aligned with how our recommendations fit with tZERO company goals.

Experience Strategy

Next, we mapped out a visualization of their current customer journey, starting with the moment a prospective customer discovers the tZERO service, through each step that customer takes up to the point of a full conversion. Mapping out this journey helped our team to find additional opportunities for improvement.

Information Architecture

Wireframes and clickable prototypes were the biggest bulk of our design work. These were essential for us to get the content and the experience right, before introducing style and branding into the mix.



We focused on visual design for the key moments of the user experience. These key screens established the look & feel of the experience and was foundation for defining all the design patterns throughout the design. We also developed the website copy to support the new narrative of the product experience.


Multiple illustrations were created to supplement the new narrative and also to give tZERO Advisors a more unique visual style.

Style Guide & UI Kit

A simple style guide was developed future reference and some interaction guides for specific states were included in the hand-off to provide the right information for development. All designs were been broken down into section-based components and elements for generating B2B versions of the site. These components are stripped down to their bare essentials and are customizable and swappable as needed.