Seamless and Intuitive User Experience

Innovation sprints for a new product launch.

The Challenge

The challenge for Momentum was to create a seamless and intuitive user flow throughout their new beta global creative supply chain product that quickly grasped the intricacies of the workstreams and displayed insights, as well as creating a content store and supporting their campaigns.

Project Kick-off and Information Download

The client gave a demo of the current design thinking of their product, and the team lead discussions on goals and ideas for the end product.

Requirement Gathering

A big part of the redesign is about diving as deep as we could in the application and understanding the business.

Demo Flows and Users

As ideations got more and more concrete, we reviewed these together and formed a more formal visual of the new flows and structures we were going to make. These were essential in our goal to understand the key actors and requirements.

Heavy Ideation

As we began to understand more about the product and the users, and the problem at hand; a lot of ideation work was done to find solutions for the project.

Clickable Prototype

The biggest bulk of our design work was dedicated to the development of the concept. These were essential for us to get the content and the experience right, with the client giving us collaborative feedback throughout.



One of the biggest changes we introduced, was how the assets of Campaigns are viewed and tied into the roadmap along with delivery of each individual aspect.

Drilling into the Detail

Another big challenge was how this all tied into each other by using simple intuitive interactions. Logical UX additions brought the core functionality to the forefront, with the user not getting lost in the process.

The Applet

Finally, Tenovos wanted to explore the use of an Applet for convenient use in the office. We stripped out the white noise and focused on the core functionality to display (As a concept only).


55 Visually Designed Key Screens

These screens will also be submitted through InVision for viewing and for special notes, but will also be exported to Zeplin for development information.


We created a new visual experience that feels fresh, engaging and provides the Tenovos users an enablement for the full management of asset management and campaign deliveries all in the one place. We also introduced new visualizations, such as an interaction through target facets. All in all, we created a new and unique experience for Tenovos.