Case Study: Synthesio

Synthesio helps brands and agencies find the social insights they need to drive business value. Focusing on the conversations that matter to the business, track and measure the online reputation, collaborate in real time, and manage consumer relationships in one seamless platform. We redesigned and developed Synthesio’s command center demo for the main sponsor of the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon, Cigna.

The Challenge

In 3 weeks we redesigned and developed a command center demo for the main sponsor of the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon, Cigna. This command center was intended to be used by the health insurance company to display the social brand performance of the company against the rest of the event sponsors on large size TVs.

No Wireframes, More Prototyping

Given how close we were from the Disney Marathon event, time was extremely important. We knew from the beginning that there was no time for wireframes, so we went straight into visual design. Through our favorite prototyping tool InVision, we gathered consolidated feedback from the client that helped us to be more productive. We had daily stand-up meetings to clarify any doubts or simply review a feature.



Synthesio wanted to show more data than could fit even on a large TV screen. Our solution to legibly displaying all the data was animations. They not only presented the information in an interesting way but also utilized the screen real estate by changing the data with the time.


Content Performance

We designed a screen to show what topics and content were trending and where they were trending. From a glance, users could get a sense of the discussions that were happening at a meta level.


Live Mention

Another screen we designed gave a realtime perspective of what was happening by showing a large amount of mentions and any media at the same time.


Before and After



The project was a huge success and utilized heavily during the 2016 Disney Marathon. We were able to complete the project on time and provided a huge value for both companies and runners alike.

“Momentum was great, and they were willing to jump on the project quickly. The designer they had on the project was very good and the developers who wrote the code were excellent: fast, creative, and agile. In general, particularly given the timeframes and deadlines that we gave them, I was very impressed with the quality of the result.” Read Full Review.
—Chief Strategy Officer, Synthesio.

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