Case Study: SocialCode

SocialCode is digital media management platform that provides audience, performance, and campaign insights. Their API access consolidates reporting across all major platforms.

The Challenge

The first challenge was to come up with a new and innovative way to visualize and segment audiences to raise efficiency and discover possible audience extensions that would not be obvious without the tool. This capacity would provide SocialCode with a competitive edge as their customer would be able to reach new audiences hidden until then.

The second challenges was to unify the look and general feeling of the various disparate tools they offer to their clients. Through acquisition and releases of the years, the experience was disjointed and jarring.

Information Architecture

After our workshop, we interviewed a group of users to understand how they worked and why they were accessing specific applications. Through our initial research, we streamlined the workflow into the new information architecture.

Navigation Structure

Our exploration of information architecture helped us understand the breadth of the application and where to systematically apply features. It set a fluid framework for navigation that took into account logical flows between lines of service and access to the application from various entry points.

Audience Selection


  • View Brand Specific Audiences
  • Extend Audiences
  • View Platforms Activated
  • Filter Audiences

Audience Extension


  • Expose Audience Insights
  • Filter Audiences On Granular Level
  • Compare Audience Size

Audience Visualization

Audience Analysis


  • Display Audience Insights Per Category
  • Personalize Layout
  • Customize Charts
  • Export Data

Consistent UI and Visual Design

We transformed SocialCode’s large and dissimilar color palette into one that is focused and effective. This lead us to the creation of a detailed style guide, defining a system of the user interface components for a unified visual language across the entire application.

Component Library

As the project wrapped up, we provided a component library to unify their brand across all products.

Propagating the Styles

Before and After


We successfully created an innovative product that unlocks new potential for SocialCode’s clients. The design was extremely well received by the executives and their clients. The deep analytical tools give new power to the analysts as they raise the efficiency and reach of their targeting.

Additionally, by working very closely with the internal team, we propagated our design ideas and principles to a series of internal application. It gives a more unified user experience across all tools.

More Work