Case Study: LLamasoft

LLamasoft enables organizations around the world to model and optimize their supply chain operations for major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation. Their team of industry-leading supply chain experts and consultants are driven to make supply chain optimization easier, better and faster. We had the opportunity to review and redesign LLamasoft’s Supply Chain application—a desktop supply chain modeling tool that’s been in the market for more than 10 years.

The Challenge

LLamasoft came to us with the challenge of analyzing and redesigning their supply chain software. Their software is reliant on heavy manipulation of data. Some user tasks include populating, parsing it, generating a model, and fine tuning it. For this project, our team had to evaluate the data, prepare it for optimization, and finally, visualize the data after the fact in a seamless desktop application.

Flow and Navigation Analysis

We started this project by analyzing the existing application and identifying key usability issues. This helped us highlight general areas to focus on during the wireframing phase. We then developed navigation concepts to improve usability, as this helped us to understand the application and the challenges that exist within it.

Architecture Analysis

After we presented our expert recommendations to their team, we received feedback on the workflows they wanted us to redesign. Given the size and complexity of the application, we only focused on the navigation and four workflows. For the navigation, we designed a simplified UX that appropriately represented the content of the application through a consistent navigation paradigm that could be used across multiple page types.

Before and After — IA


Grouping the Action Bar

As we analyzed the action bar, we found that actions could be simplified a step further by combining some of the interactions into three categories: Creation, Context Sensitive, and General Functionality. With a grouped action bar, the users would associate grouped elements with having similar function or pertaining to similar content.

Wireframes and Interactions

We incorporated our findings into high-fidelity wireframes, including the simplified navigation across all pages. We used color to indicate actions or highlight active elements. We also documented our concepts on important interactions so that nothing would be left to guesswork.

Visual Design

For visual design, we maintained a clean, light interface that incorporated LLamasoft’s brand colors and styling. We reserved bold coloring for selected states and actions and created an entire set of simple icons for action buttons.

Before and After — Visual Design



We helped LLamasoft significantly reduce the number of interactions and designed the overall look and feel of the application. Many LLamasoft users were very interested in how to build these models and what the setup would be for them.

“I would say that for the first time in the two-plus years that I’ve been here, the designs that Momentum put together got people, even our CEO, excited, even to the point where people said our other products should look like this.” Read full review.
—Senior Vice President, LLamasoft Inc.

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