Case Study: K2 Community

K2 software allows people to build and run business process applications, including forms, workflow, data, and reports. K2 turned to us to design a highly functional site for their community, so their users could find all the information they needed and also help each other. Our work helped K2 win the Lithy award for Best Community Design.

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The Challenge

K2 envisioned their community to be a place where users could not only post to forums, but could also browse blog, access K2’s knowledge base, provide suggestions and feedback, receive content from K2, watch K2TV, and more. The a main challenge for us was to display all of these types of content in a clean way and engage the users.

Multiple Concepts

We created three distinct concepts that emphasized different ways to engage the community (raising K2 product awareness, incentivizing users via rewards, or making consumption and sharing easy). K2 chose one concept to continue with but chose to carry over features from the other concepts as well.


Work Session

After a visual concept was chosen, K2 invited us to their office for a work session. While there, we received requirements for designing other pages of the community website, brainstormed with them wireframes for these pages, and iterated and finalized the visual design.


Visual Design

To present the content in a digestible format, we separated content types into individual cards and assigned each type a unique color. Large images and headers promoted actions to take, and a section dedicated to recognizing contributors increased user engagement.


Before and After



Our design for K2’s community website provided a clean and engaging way for users to participate and learn more. Within a month of launching, K2 experienced a 137% increase in their weekly posts and saw a significant rise in forum activity, resolved issues, and number of downloads in their market section. They also won the Lithy Award for Best Community Design. We felt privileged to work with K2 and make a huge impact on their community.

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