Case Study: GoLance

GoLance is a platform for freelance workers that connects employers to employees to create a virtual workplace. Because working with a stranger is never a comfortable experience, GoLance strives to make life better for all online workers with a flexible, fair, and transparent freelancing tool that covers everything from tracking hours to getting paid. We helped GoLance redesign both their application and website to be more modern and intuitive.

“Momentum’s designs have received positive feedback and resulted in a more seamless digital experience. They were friendly, worked hard and delivered results… Everybody was really happy. It was a good version 2. Although there are no metrics I can give, it has definitely upped our game.” Read full review.
—Founder & President, goLance

The Challenge

GoLance came to us to redesign their whole website with the vision that they wanted to stand out from the majority of competitors in the online freelancing space. Despite how powerful the tool is, it also needed to be intuitive and beautiful. Our first challenge was to introduce a new finance platform in a way that would educate people and make it easy to use. Due to the sheer size of the application, we needed to establish UX patterns and behaviors that would be consistent and reusable across different flows. The workflows ranged from entering timesheets to signing contracts to applying for a financial loan.

Information Architecture

At the beginning of the project, we did a comprehensive screen inventory and then used those pieces to construct the new information architecture. We chose to keep the main navigation similar to the existing app so that legacy users would have an easier transition into the new design.

Ideation and Wireframes

We worked in wireframes so that we could focus on functionality. There were many changes done to give the application a better user experience but because we worked in wireframes, we could iterate quickly, and the wireframes rapidly evolved.

Concept Exploration

When it comes to visual design, we like to explore concepts and give clients options. We had two designers each work on a visual concept for the new finances section. GoLance then selected one concept to continue with and develop further. We also try to push the wireframe layouts, like the navigation paradigm for example, to make sure we’ve explored all of our options.

Progressive Disclosure

We used the concept of progressive disclosure to simplify the pages. This meant that we should not show a user all information at once and instead lead the user down a path where they can easily digest everything on the page and drill into the details as needed. To do this well, we had to know the most common use cases and design with those in mind. A few of the UI elements we used to do this were expand and collapse menus, “more detail” links and clickable info icons.

It’s All in the Details

A blank screen without guidance is a missed opportunity. We designed fun illustrations in the empty states to guide the user to the next step. We also know that when it comes to money, people are careful and want to double check. We designed for this by adding a preview step before sending money.

Designing for Edge Cases

As we worked with Confluent to design their reporting interface, the biggest challenge was visually representing the data in a legible, useful way. Through At Momentum we have a lot of experience with complex use cases and part of that is designing for the worst case scenario. GoLance was no exception and we made sure to design for things like errors and scalability of the iconography.

Marketing Homepage

We also had the opportunity to redesign the marketing website for GoLance. We chose to do this later in the design phase so that we could carry over the look and feel of the application into the homepage material.

Before & After



We successfully created a product to connect employers to employees in an easy to use online workplace. By designing for the user and their specific needs we optimized the current system so that it’s more efficient and easier to use. The redesign also helped modernize GoLance and allow them to outshine their competitors like UpWork and VenturePact.

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