Get Real Health

A comprehensive wellness experience

Get Real Health® (GRH) combines a world of new information from patients, devices, and apps with existing clinical data to help individuals and healthcare professionals engage and empower each other.

The Challenge

Get Real Health was looking for an experience rethink for their health application. It was important to break down the project into smaller milestones and share it with the GRH team so everyone understood our process. This allowed for alignment on the goal and helped move the project forward in a predictable fashion.


Fast Paced Discovery

The main goal was building a clickable prototype which involved the story of Carl, a diabetic. Breaking out the persona’s information was critical for addressing the persona’s needs and meeting the end goal.

“Their input benefitted us by pointing us in a direction we weren’t intending to take before.”

Product Manager

Expert Evaluation

During our expert evaluation, we looked at the mobile application from the user’s experience point of view. We also examined the user interface patterns at play. We surfaced the gap and opportunity to improve on during the design phase.

Rapid Prototyping

As we were analyzing the software, we mocked up many of the improvements we suggested. These mockups allowed us to show the principles behind our recommendations. The quick manner of prototyping allowed us to tackle short-term “low hanging fruit” and to experiment with more creative solutions in the next phase.

Information Architecture

Based on our findings from the Expert Evaluation process, a new Information Architecture was suggested. It included new navigational patterns and a fresh dashboard concept. It was discussed with the client and iterated on several times before the design started. Even though wireframes that we executed on we not the same that we’d originally had planned for, we advised on keeping this step to make smart and timely decisions without getting emotional about look & feel. We built wireframes for the key flows that are the most critical for the users.


Mood Boards

The first step of a visual design process is to understand our client’s preferences. Our Mood Boards helped to solicit feedback about the colors, look and feel.

Visual Design Concepts

Two different visual design concepts were produced around a medium color scheme that was selected by the GRH team.

Clickable Prototype

All screens from the 6 flows that were originally selected were styled and connected to a clickable prototype. This allowed the team to understand the design and accelerate the communication with the development team.

Before and After

Visual Elements

We love working on details. Every single element contributes to the experience. A detailed approach also makes the transition to development smoother. We defined a style guide and identified the key elements.

Development Guide

We love working closely with the engineers to guarantee the best end result. So, we implemented a development guide describing the style, animations and details for every key element. Defined behaviors and look & feel are important to ensure the desired experience with the product.


Get Real Health’s application was radically transformed and the user experience was greatly enhanced. Using a combination of best practices and creative problem solving, we pushed the envelope for this type of healthcare application. The redesign was finished on time and on budget, ready for a successful unveil at GRH’s conference.