Case Study: Evolute

Evolute takes a closer look at the fundamental flaws that hinder containers to be safely and easily deployed in production, with a special emphasis on large scale systems as is often the case in private clouds. This allows customers to rapidly and effectively deploy and manage containers at scale with up to Five 9’s availability.

“What distinguishes Momentum is that they understand the engineering and technical environments more so than any other company I’ve experienced.” Read full review.

– Kristopher Francisco, Founder at Evolute

The Challenge

Our biggest challenge in designing the Evolute application was the application creation process. The Evolute application was primarily built to monitor running applications, but in order to view the application, the user must first add the applications. We also had to consider the three drastically different user types that ranged from high-level executive to applications engineer. Each had their own features, functions, and goals to accomplish.

Onsite Workshop

This project started with an onsite workshop with the client in which he had the opportunity to discuss the technical requirements and end-users of the application. We also had the opportunity to go through some of the most common user tasks and talk about all the workflow opportunities.

Information Architecture

We documented all the requirements, findings, and decisions made during these three days. Based on that valuable information and our expert analysis, we designed a task-oriented information architecture according to the two types of user personas.

Before and After



Once we had a mature structure of the application, we moved into wireframes. Our main challenge was to find the most appropriate way to communicate the data through different type of graph charts.

Data Visualization

Given how much data we had to display on the application, laying out the content was key. We came up with two dynamic radial charts that got AB tested on the client end. This radial chart shows a breakdown of a service, giving the user the ability to easily identify any anomaly inside a service.

Visual Design



The project was a huge success, and the founder was able to land numerous clients before the app was officially launched. By optimizing different parts of the application for the specific users, we made it easy for users to analyze their systems and make any changes required. We were also able to complete the project on time and within budget.

More Work