Cronos ‘The Sphere’

A Global Telecommunication Ecosystem

‘The Sphere’ is a revolutionary B2B ecosystem for the global telecom industry, built on proprietary and patented blockchain technology, data analytics, and advanced algorithms.

’The Sphere’ is a suite of tools solving the biggest problems in the telecom industry while spurring growth and innovation in the vertical. The platform eliminates commercial inefficiencies, operational challenges, and financial threats and provides a secure means of global commerce for the industry. The unique B2B marketplace existing at the core of ‘The Sphere’ uses cutting-edge technology to redefine and vastly improve the way the industry does business.

The Challenge

The founder of ‘The Sphere’ came to us for help in turning a transformative idea into a reality. Challenges existed in providing an innovative and elegant solution to solve problems prevalent in the telecom industry, wherein B2B transactions and stakeholders suffered from flat revenue, fraud, delinquent payments and negative or non-existent supplier/provider relationships. We were asked to design and deliver ‘The Sphere’ platform to solve for existing problems with streamlined business processes to reduce operating costs, and to partner in pioneering real-time-buying for telecom on a global scale, based on blockchain technology.

Design Process

Design Workshop

We worked with the client in a 2 day co-collaboration workshop to define the requirements, prioritize the workflow in the backlog, refine the information architecture and personas. We also had our principle developer in the meeting to provide technical guidance on the requirements and requests. By the end of this workshop, we were able to coordinate our workflow across three of our offices.


We had created personas prior to the workshop and were able to get into the weeds with the client on the details the users expected from the platform. In the end we were able to identify the types of users that would be using the platform.

Information Architecture

We created the initial information architecture (IA) during the workshop with the clients. As we continued to refine the requirements and establish the flows, we were able to build out a more detailed version of the IA.

Journey Map

Our team created a journey of what the user’s journey would be based on the information we had from the client and utilized industry best practices. We were able to further refine user task flows.

Payment Lifecycle

Visual Concepts

Trading Floor

The Sphere not only captures new opportunities and prospects, it enables users to create new services and offers, in addition to purchasing services from The Ecosystem.


Operators, carriers, and resellers are continuously supported by unlimited, multiparty chain-trading, routing, and financial settlements in real-time, with no geographic limitations.

Financial Settlements

The Sphere constantly learns and evolves to foresee new or unknown threat patterns before they arise, protecting operators, carriers, and service providers from any financial disruptions.


Low Latency
Each call entering The Sphere network is immediately tagged, passed through the chain, and instantly inserted into our internal call detail record (CDR).

Live Anti-Fraud

Live Detection
Neural network and machine learning algorithms enable live detection alerts and active prevention of fraudulent traffic – from the very moment a call request comes in.


The Sphere’s core network architecture is self-maintained and uses automated error recovery to ensure secure, streamlined call routing.

Visual Components

After settling on a design concept, we reviewed the wireframes and created specific visual designs for the unique screens that development needed at handoff. Due to the size of the project, creating a screen for each of the 1000+ wireframes would have been impossible in the time remaining, which is why design components were catalogued and prioritized by the client product team before being designed and eventually handed off to development.

Development Workshop

Our core development team travelled to Barcelona, Spain to work with the client product and development teams in a 3 day workshop. The goal of the workshop was to breakdown the wireframes created by the design team and establish an engineering plan that would work with both the front end and back end development teams. The project continued for the next year and was delivered using AngularJS.

Marketing Material

While building the Sphere platform, the client came to us to help with the marketing efforts. We were tasked with the design and development of the marketing website to help advertise the platform to prospective investors and clients. A design and copy team worked together to create an outline of the first version of the website, which was built in WordPress.


We had a great experience solving for the problems on this project. Working as a team in multiple time zones, in an environment that was ever changing kept us moving at a fast pace, but at the end we were able to deliver to the client an innovative product that is an industry game changer.