Powerful Platform for Crypto Trading

A product redesign, using AI design and technology to bring a fully integrated cryptocurrency platform to the market.

The Challenge came to Momentum to design the retail desktop and mobile experience; capitalizing our ux strategy, research, and design expertise.

Momentum was challenged to create a platform for individual day traders that leveraged automated trading bots and intuitively jumping from different exchanges to achieve different goals.

Building the Strategy

We started off immersing ourselves in the materials the client shared with us to get acquainted with the business. This project had a non-traditional setup with the key product stakeholder interviews as the client had opted to be the interviewers. So for our synthesis, we reviewed the recordings and extracted relevant information and dialogue, ranked the importance in the possibility of finding information we need while ideating further discussion points or ideas for the new experience we are designing. In addition, we reviewed competition and as well as other popular exchanges. This helped us form an understanding of market trends and opportunities for innovation.

Next up, was our formal user research phase. From our initial immersion and discussions with the team’s experts, we crafted an interview questionnaire that focused on tasks, goals, and hurdles of prospective users. We interviewed individual day traders who generally had 2-4 years of varied experience and engagement levels.  These users were technologically adept with business school graduates studying finance and technology.


We discovered key tasks that we needed to optimize for the users:

  • Research and analysis
  • Creating their own program and customization of their trading space

Given the insights from the interviews and light competitive review, we outlined our strategy and approach for the product design. We focused on the following design principles:

Transparency and Centralization

Most experiences for users who trade in multi-cryptocurrency are fragmented.  We needed to bridge the tasks and critical trading information  so users need only one platform only to make their trading decisions.  

Value Per Action

Seconds matter in the world of trading.  The faster the user is able to process information, the quicker they can formulate a decision and execute on that decision.

Customization & Modularity

Users process and prioritize information differently.  Knowing this, we needed to empower the users to customize their experience to fit their decision making workflow.  


We designed a platform that bridges the gaps of managing multiple cryptocurrency accounts in different exchanges. The platform also offered automated trading solutions between exchanges for smart trading.

We created a powerful dashboard with performance analytics and a traderoom with bots functionality for their platform that differentiated them from other trading platforms with similar offerings. User-centered design principles and a robust visual system ensured swift and assisted task-flows for effective results for the users.

What We Did

Began with Block Frames to Establish Content

The types of content and how we make sure we fit them in and how they are grouped together were key to knowing our general visual structure. From our sketches we quickly turned it into block frames to understand how things fit together with sizes almost being the same as what it would be on high fidelity mockups.

50 + High Fidelity Wireframes

After understanding the general layout and content structure in the block frame phase, we crafted high fidelity wireframes to slowly explore how visual cues can help lessen the cognitive demand despite the amount of information being displayed at a given time. In just two weeks, we produced more than fifty high fidelity wireframes for different flows and experiences for the app.


Visual Design

The visual design exploration consisted of ideation on visual experience that utilizes color, shape, size, space that helps the user find what they need and pick out relevant information and relationships without the visual noise of useless decoration while incorporating the company’s brand.