Sales consultant digital experiences

Strategic approach to optimizing Belcorp beauty consultants’ platform experience.

Belcorp is a global leader in beauty and personal care known for their L'BEL, Ésika and Cyzone brands. With over 50 years of experience in direct sales, it has a network of more than 800,000 independent beauty consultants in 14 countries making it one of the largest Direct Selling companies globally. Working closely with Belcorp, we observed how consultoras currently use the application in their respective home and work environment to find opportunities to improve their overall experience.

The Challenge

Improve the overall user experience of the platform while also having the ability to scale for new features in the future. Our key goals while addressing the challenge were:

1. Improve the Consultora Digital Experience with Gana+ to support higher adoption and usage

2. Facelift of Gana+, with consideration of on our Expert Analysis

3. Observe and understand how consultoras currently use the application in their respective home and work environment to find opportunities to improve their overall experience

4. Increase the order average ticket price

5. Strategic Future Planning for internal Organizational Readiness across the Company

Expert Evaluation

We received a platform demo and user credentials to the platform so we could go through the same experience as the current users. We analyzed the AEP from a strict UI/UX standpoint and provided recommendations for improvement. We focused on 3 key areas:

1. User Experience
2. UI and Usability
3. Copy and Clarity


Aside from the UX Recommendations for immediate improvements to and Gana+, we have recognized many areas for Belcorp and our team to focus on for its collaborative journey to a successful Digital Transformation:

1. Alignment across people and processes
2. Customer-based focus
3. Seamless Omnichannel Experience
4. Strategic Future Planning

Ethnographic Studies

We collaborated with the Belcorp design team and interviewed 18 Consultoras throughout the city of Lima. The goal was to learn about their experience, wants and needs around the Gana+ platform. Key findings were used to build focused prototypes which we then presented to the consultoras for review on the final workshop day at Belcorp Headquarters.

Design Thinking Workshop

We facilitated a Design Thinking Workshop in Lima where we worked with people from different areas of Belcorp.

We ran several activities that focused on understanding the business challenges around their current digital approach.

We brainstormed and worked together to create a foundation of current trends in Industry, Design, Technology, and Commerce in order to have a shared vision of the steps we need to take to innovate and create solutions around the Consultoras’ needs.

Ésika Conmigo

We have designed a new onboarding flow that personalizes and informs the Consultoras of the advantages the new Ésika Conmigo app. Consultoras can set goals and pick their interests to enhance their browsing experience. The new Home screen provided Consultoras with a better experience browsing and searching products across the different categories of Gana+.


We have re-formulated the way Gana+ is presented to make it more attractive to the Consultoras, telling them about the benefits and special prices they can get when they Sign up for it in a fun and very visual way. Overall navigation, product detail, and checkout flows have been optimized for ease of browsing and sharing. We enabled the Consultoras to browse offers by Product Categories through more intuitive navigation capabilities, like they would do in our Catalog recommendation.


We have identified opportunities for up and cross selling across different screens of the application, with products that might be interesting for them and that may help them reach their quotas and access discounts or special prices.


Through engaging and understanding the customer, we were successful in discovering key market insights to deliver a streamlined user experience across multiple Belcorp digital products. We also provided Belcorp with a strategic CX roadmap to further support and maintain the UX efforts thus far. Overall, our team had a very positive and collaborative experience within with the Belcorp team, improving internal Organizational Readiness across the Company and Design Alignment within the various studios.