Robust campaign management metrics - uncovering the needle in the data stack

4INFO helps advertisers drive meaningful results in their mobile and cross-channel campaigns with their “device match” method. By accurately matching mobile devices to households and unlocking purchasing history, they provide the ROI that matters most—sales lift at the cash register.

The Challenge

With so many layers of data and options to breakdown, our main challenge was to reduce the visual clutter and surface the data values currently relevant to the user. The navigation and workflow in the app also needed to scale for new features and methods of data breakdown to be implemented in the future. Additionally, the app needed to scale down to tablet size and still retain the same amount of information.

Whiteboarding First

With general guidelines from the client, we spent time at the whiteboard to think through different ideas before we committed to any digital work. We affirmed assumptions about user needs and brainstormed different layouts and behaviors.

Combining Multiple Concepts

After solidifying our ideas on the whiteboard, we provided multiple wireframe concepts to let the client see the wide range of directions they could go. In the end, we combined elements from each concept to create a diverse and robust system.

Design Evolution


Big Cards, Small Cards

Cards were essential to displaying data in a responsive way. We used different card sizes: small cards broke the data into categories, and long thin cards showed the relationships between cards.

Meaningful Colors

We used color to differentiate between the levels of data: green for overview and blue for breakdowns. Within each level of data, we created a range of shades to differentiate between categories. The results were subtle yet distinct pages and data visualizations.

Multiple Views

Data-heavy screens were designed with two views, a card view and a funnel view, which surface different metrics and relationships between measurements. Users can switch between the two views with ease.


Through brainstorming and solidifying behavioral patterns before designing, we provided multiple concepts for the client to choose. We also implemented cards, color, and the option to toggle views. In the end, we successfully created a product for the client that lets their users easily break down and analyze their advertisement campaign data.