A Dedicated Momentum Team

For companies with innovation needs across several product lines, business units or programs we offer our Innovation Lab. A Lab is a dedicated team of strategists, researchers, designers, developers and business analysts assigned long term (6-12 months) to your company. Our team works closely with you to integrate seamlessly with yours – think of us as an extended branch of your company.

Our labs use our design thinking-based and technology driven methodologies for digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation processes, They include include:
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Development


  • Innovation Jumpstart
  • Fully Integrated
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Scalability
  • Collaborative Co-Creation

Innovation Jumpstart

A turnkey, experienced and talented team who is focused 100% on your company across multiple projects.

Our highly collaborative process jumpstarts innovation by injecting our teams process, innovation expertise, and design thinking, thought leadership into your programs.

Fully Integrated

Our Labs are made up of experienced members led by a Lab Delivery Lead, dedicated solely to your company. Our teams are fully scalable and flexible as project needs grow or shift. 

We work with you to set weekly or monthly timelines to assess goals and needs. Then leave it to us – our Lab Delivery Lead will coordinate all tasks to make sure timelines are set and deadlines are hit.

Talent Acquisition

Low-risk, talent acquisition and design and development using our proven and successful processes for project execution inclusive of a highly vetted and experienced, design thinking based, innovation team.

Our teams are already in place – hiring is instantaneous whereas hiring process can take months if not years to develop.

Labs are made up of experienced Momentum professionals who know our methodology where new team members need to go through training at your company

As outsiders, our designers can bring fresh new perspectives to any project. Internal team members may develop limited perspective on a project they work with on a daily basis.


Our teams are flexible and scalable: we can add or remove team members as projects grow or shrink in scope. Companies either run the risk of hiring full-time team members only to have them sit idle or lacking sufficient man-power during peak seasons.

Collaborative Co-Creation

Creation of a deep partnership between our combined teams with a focus on co-creation and collaboration.

An environment where exploration, risk and failure are equally embraced as part of the creative and innovation process.

Innovative Experiences



SocialCode is digital media management platform that provides audience, performance, and campaign insights. Their API access consolidates reporting across all major platforms. Our challenge was to come up with a new and innovative way to visualize and segment audiences to raise efficiency and discover possible audience extensions that would not be obvious without the tool.

We successfully created an innovative product that unlocks new potential for Social Code’s clients. The design was extremely well received by the executives and the client. The deep analytical tools give new power to the analysts as they raise the efficiency and reach of their targeting.

Verifone Carbon


The final result was an entirely new and award winning Android-based POS that has helped modernize Verifone to better position themselves in the market.

Kony Field Service


Starting from identifying issues with the application demo provided to us, we designed to solve those problems and simplify the workflow. Overall, we helped Kony create an app that can be used in any field situation and increases the efficiency of the workers.