Hidden Cost of Bad UX

User Experience has drastic impacts on many aspects of your business. Don’t let your company or product fall victim to the effects of Bad UX that lurk below the surface!



45%of users give up
if registration is hard

In a Study provided by Adaptive Path, Bank of America conducted research into why they were falling behind their competition. The outcome of this project was a huge success due to a drastic change in usability.


$243lost per customer from
bad user experiences

The implications of a poor user experience also surface when we look at the value of a lost customer relationship. When your systems provide a poor user experience you lose.


Employees quit from bad UX

In 2013, Avon pulled the plug on a $125 million software overhaul, after a pilot of the system in Canada revealed that iPad rollout was too difficult to use, and many sales reps began to quit the company.

Opportunity Cost

Good UX is estimated to add earnings to
these industries:


  • + $1.4 Billion Wireless Carriers
  • + $1.4 Billion Airlines
  • + $572 Million Retailers
  • + $494 Million Insurers


$150 billion lost due to wasted
development time

As IEEE found, of all the development projects that are started, 5 to 15 percent will be abandoned before or shortly after delivery due to poor usability. This amounts to $150 billion lost. This loss can be avoided with a user-centered design approach.