Storytelling in UX

Stories have taken on a new life in our digital lives.  From customers journeys, epics to user stories they have permeated into all assets of UX design and software.  Wanna pitch your startup idea?  Tell the story.  Wanna understand what your users are doing? Understand their stories.  Wanna explain your product at a conference?  Demo the story.  Far be it from the glitter and glamour of hollywood scripts, storytelling now plays a crucial role in what we do as UX designers.   

We’ll spend the evening examining how to develop stories, when certain types are appropriate and valuable, and tools and techniques to help.  

This event will be hosted and sponsored by Salesforce in San Francisco.  We will have food, beer, wine and refreshments for attendees.  

Speakers and Panelists include… 

Janet Taylor
Director of UX, Perforce

Cameron Turner
Director of Product Design, Leanplum

Katie Page
Co-founder and Partner, Knurture

This would not be possible without the help of our distinguished sponsors Momentum Design Lab,  Salesforce,  Balsamiq and FullStory.