Service Design & User Experience

Join your fellow eUX’ers at the fabulous thirteen23 offices for the next episode of Enterprise UX Austin!

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As Experience Design continues be leveraged across enterprises as an important asset, specialties like Service Design is gaining momentum not just in traditionally “Service” companies but also a key experience dimension for “Product” companies.

Enterprises are recognizing that their product and services need work in tandem to provide customers complete and coherent experience. At this event, we will hear from speakers how enterprises can leverage Service Design to deliver great overall customer / user experience.

In this edition, we’ll learn about best practices in Service design in Healthcare and Gaming to inform this often-overlooked aspect of Enterprise Software User Experience.


Ryan Rumsey, Director of Experience Design, Electronic Arts 

Ryan will talk about the measurement of perception. 

For those practicing UX strategy, it’s “how do users perceive the interactions with our product?” In CX strategy, it’s “how do people perceive the interactions with our company?” In large organizations, teams working in functional areas are often trying to measure perception, but not often in context with each other. This conversation delves into the details of developing a UX strategy inside a CX organization and how the large role of perception plays a role into the measurement of macro and micro-interactions.


Ryan is a veteran design leader with an interest in systems, platforms, and humans inside enterprise environments. An advocate of both human centered design and design driven innovation, he focuses on elevating the employee experience through design. From Healthcare to gaming, Customer Experience to IT, he specializes in creating Experience Design and Product Management practices in the enterprise space, focusing on the intersection of UX, CX, and Product. Currently, Ryan is the Director of Experience Design at Electronic Arts, where thoughts on design services are challenging traditional understanding of the role design plays in managing and processing information inside an organization. Ryan has previously worked for Apple, the Nestlé, Comcast, and with Fortune 500 clients as an independent. 

Kijana Knight-Torres 

How can you compete on service? And what can you learn from your patients that will help you to provide exceptional care? Kijana will present a compelling story of how a clinic, in making the move from San Antonio to Austin, sought to revolutionize the patient experience and the lessons we learned along the way.


Kijana wants to enable people to live their best lives. She has been working to understand the depths of human experience for over ten years. Her approach includes deep listening and observation of people in their natural habitats, comprehensive synthesis, and telling compelling and engaging stories. Kijana believes that doing the work to build empathy and care can empower people to help themselves and each other in meaningful ways. She has helped a variety of companies – from Mercedes-Benz and PepsiCo to Nike and Capital One – form design strategies that are grounded in the human experience. 

Kijana has a B.S. in Computer Science from Rice University and a M.S. in Information Studies from UT Austin. She is currently the lead design researcher at the Design Institute for Health at the Dell Medical School. She and her husband and daughter love Austin and look forward to many years here.