This event will be hosted and sponsored by Idean in downtown Austin – providing GREAT food catered by Royal Blue Grocery, plus Beer & Wine for attendees. 

Speakers and topics include:

Liya James, Head of Studio, Idean Austin
Leading Design in the Modern Enterprise

In recent years, three key trends have pushed the role of design to the forefront of enterprise strategy: the consumerization of enterprise products, tech-dependent generations entering the workforce, and digitization of business processes. This means higher investment in design and a growing demand for design leadership at the table.

Liya will break down the current state of our industry, share relevant examples of design leadership in modern enterprises, and offer insights on how to lead change in your organization.

Jay Morgan, UX Director, Bazaarvoice
The Initial Call to Action: Coaching Junior Talent

If you’re leading a team, and have younger talent, you might be giving someone the first solo assignment of their career. Imagine the rush of pride, the flood of fear, and the suspenseful soul-searching she goes through after getting this opportunity. How do you reassure her she can do it despite the stress? Which tools do you give her so you know she’s prepared for the journey ahead? On the other hand, as talent new to the industry, maybe you’ve gotten your first assignment, and know a good mentor can coach you through this challenging part of your career.

Jay will take you through the tumultuous adventure, and give you the tonic to calm the nerves of that budding talent whose success is critical to your product, the team’s mission, and the user’s satisfaction.

This would not be possible without the help of our distinguished sponsors Momentum Design LabSalesforce, Atlassian and Invision.