Design for the Common Good

We all know how impactful great design can be for businesses or customers, but what about using it for a more civic purpose? Design for the common good has been in practice for eons, but we are only learning how to harness the mechanics and process of design-thinking towards good for humanity. We’ll spend this evening hearing from design leaders about how they have found inspiration, passion, and prosperity working to improve our society as we know it.   

As usual, we’ll have refreshments and snacks to keep your bellies and brains bubbling.  Our host for the event is Intuit in Mountain View.  Our speakers and panelists for the evening include:

Dana Chisnell
Co-Director, Center for Civic Design
Dana will walk us through service design applied to local and county government electoral processes and the outcomes.  From gaining a real understanding of pre-election questions, to re-designing and providing a better template for pre-electoral information packs, there are no more “hanging chads” in the future Dana envisions. 

Jesse James and Roshen Sentha
Front End Designer and Product Manager, Exygy
Exygy recently designed and built the SF Housing Portal for the SF Mayor’s Office for families to find below-market “affordable” housing. Jesse and Roshen will walk us through the design process and what they learned about digital team and process models that local govts. need to implement.

John Ferrigan
Product Designer, Farmers Business Network
FBN let’s farmers share open data with each other to better their yields, compete with “big ag” and improve our food supply. This is big data at it’s best applied to the oldest and hardest working entrepreneurs on the planet.  FBN is Google Ventures backed and John will walk through how GV “design sprints” kept them “out of the weeds” and designing an experience that’s “dirt” simple. 

Amanda Damewood
Service Designer, Code for America
Code for America is on a mission to make govt. work in the digital age.  Using her work in Syracuse, NY as a case study, Amanda will walk us through the impact design plays in this, and how you can get involved.

Thank you to our sponsors Momentum Design Lab and our host Intuit