Design for Personalization

Ad-Tech companies, eCommerce, Social Networks and Search Engines have been the early adopters of personalization, but now we’re beginning to see many products in our digital lives begin to personalize themselves to us.  It sounds like the Golden Egg, but how do we design experiences that are reflections of our ever changing behaviors, wants, needs and life? 

We’ll spend the evening examining this brave new bespoke world.  We will discuss techniques, learnings and philosophies around how we as UX designers can truly embrace designing personalized experiences.  

This event will be at Google HQ in Mountain View and they will be providing free food and drinks.

Dave Hogue
Google, UX Designer Manager, Google Travel
Personalization vs. Customization
Automatically adjusting an experience based on what we know about you vs. your manually created a personal experience.

Joe Preston
Momentum Design Lab, CXO
Personalize This!
Many digital products we use every day have become tailored towards each of us as individuals.  We’ll examine the underlying design mechanics that make these products personalized.  What are the principles behind them that make them effective?  What will the future hold in store, in terms of personalization, for our digital and physical lives?

Dwayne King
Pinpoint, President and Design Strategist
Using audience research to discover latent needs to design a personalization strategy. Because enterprise companies tend to move slow, creating a phased approach and setting foundational elements to build towards a fully personalized experience.

Geoff Koops & Jason Russell
Rdio, Lead UX Designer & Lead Product Manager
An in-depth review of the personalization strategy and implementation in the recently launched Home feature in Rdio.

Space is limited

This meetup event would also not be possible without our outstanding sponsors: Momentum Design Lab, BalsamiqAtlassian, FullStoryGliffyO’Reilly Media and more.