Enterprise Software: Designing Company UX Culture @Zendesk

Thanks to everyone who came out to our meetup event last night at the beautiful new Zendesk HQ.   It was a great turnout and the speakers and location were excellent.  Ryan Donahue, the VP of Product Design, and the Zendesk design team was extremely generous in offering their space, food and drinks for our attendees.   Bruno Bergher, Head of Design from Expa, spoke about some fundamental principles that you can instill in your organization to help steer the company culture towards UX, such as immersing everyone the company in everything from good interior design to good looking decks.   Zach Perkins, Director of Customer & Design Experience at TaskRabbit, spoke about the “design thinking” culture at TaskRabbit and how everyone is a designer from time to time and well aware of the process and feedback.  Finally we wrapped up the evening with a Q&A Panel with Ryan, Zach and Bruno where the attendees were able to ask more specific and directed questions.

Our next meetup event will be October 29, 2014 focused on “Design for Personalization” and will be hosted at Google.  Definitely not to be missed.