We had an outstanding Enterprise UX meetup event this Wednesday evening hosted at Google HQ at “The Garage.”  The event focused on the topic of personalization and how to design experiences that are reflections of our ever changing behaviors, wants, needs and life.  As an odd coincidence, this was the same evening of the San Francisco Giants won the final game of the World Series, but never the less it was a very packed house.  Each speaker focused on different aspects of personalization including fundamentals, enterprise case studies, psychological and behavioral impacts and consumer design case studies.  The speakers and panelists included myself,  Dave Hogue (Google, UX Designer Manager, Google Travel),  Dwayne King  (Pinpoint, President and Design Strategist),  Geoff Koops and  Jason Russell (Rdio, Lead UX Designer & Lead Product Manager).   Thanks to all the outstanding speakers, Anya Kogan and Bill Woodworth from Google and all the Enterprise UX sponsors.
It was a great way to finish off the 2014 Enterprise UX meetup season.  Get ready for 2015.