Enterprise Software: Both Sides of the Phone

Thanks to everyone who came out to our latest Enterprise UX meetup event.  It was a great turnout of both attendees and speakers.  Special thanks to Quantcast, especially Erica Weiss Tjader and Jonathan Smiley,  for hosting the event with their office and providing the great food and drinks.  We discussed how to choose a UX design career path, how to work effectively with the designers on the other side of the phone, the pro’s and con’s of agencies and in-house product companies, and got a ton of great questions from the audience.  Our illustrious group of speakers and panelists included folks with backgrounds from Quantcast, IDEO, Hot Studio, Zurb, Facebook, Salesforce, Favorite Medium, Google and Apple.   Looking forward to our next event “UX Survival Guides” at General Assembly on February 19, 2015.