Design: Signs Your UX Stinks:
Your Graphic Designer is Your UX Designer

When it comes to questions like “is this a simple user experience (UX) for our users?” or “is this an effective design solution for our business?”, these are not to be taken lightly.  To begin to unravel the answers to questions like these,  your designer needs to be able to think beyond visual aesthetics, layout and typography, and instead focus on a user centered approach that’s grounded in business and technical feasibility.

To the average graphic designer, a user centered design process is a foreign concept.  Nothing against graphic designers, but most of them lack the ability and experience required to generate design solutions beyond logos, marketing websites or print collateral.  Most graphic designers will quickly find themselves in over their heads with the complexities involved in software UX design.

True UX designers employ a hybrid of disciplines that includes Strategy, User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design and Front-End Development, just to name a few.  Not to mention that in order to design a solution for a business or product, you must first have a clear understanding of that business and the environment it operates in.  At Momentum Design Lab, we pride ourselves on having an experienced team of UX designers that are well versed and passionate about improving software products through better design.