In the Business of Business Transformation

We will assist with your team’s success by delivering digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation programs using our design thinking and technology driven approaches. Whether they be internal or external, empathy for your customer’s needs is the key driver to the success and adoption of your projects. Our goal is to create transformative experiences which are user focused and we can assist in projects ranging from strategy and research based, full customer experience lifecycles to design sprint based digital prototype innovation.

  • UX/CX Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Technology
  • UX/CX Strategy

    We build out a road map for the ideal path to engagement by understanding what drives your users and where these overlap with your business goals.

    Effective solutions are born from insight: we take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your business, your users and your competition and the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address. We then conduct heuristic and competitive research and analysis, apply the principles of user-centered design and assess all relevant factors impacting the project to define the correct business goals, user needs and challenges to be addressed.

    Our process includes discovery workshops, heuristic evaluations and expert analysis, competitive reviews and analysis, ethnographic studies, expert analysis, focus groups, customer journey mapping, persona development, and user stories.

    • Ideation
      • Workshops
      • Blue Sky Projects
      • Green Field Projects
      • Campaign Development
      • Product Requirements
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • Card Sorting
    • Discovery
      • Product Strategy
      • Monetization Strategy
      • UI / UX Assessment
      • Focus Groups
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Technology Assessment
      • Usability Study
    • Analysis
      • User Research
      • Market Research
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Usability Testing
      • UX & Funnel Analysis
      • Application Analytics
      • Campaign Metrics

    UX Design

    Great design is essential to business. Our design-thinking lead process permeates our organization and culture. Our designers are leaders in solving complex business challenges while giving users simple and memorable experiences. We specialize in cross-channel, user experience design for web platforms, web-based software applications, CMS/CRM platforms, kiosks/displays, desktop software, custom operating systems and mobile applications.

    We’re early adopters of technology that allows for prototyping and collaboration. Our current design stack includes Sketch, Invision, and Zeplin.

    Our experienced and collaborative team create experiences that will delight your customers through innovative user experiences and interfaces. Our process, as an extension of our UX/CX Strategy, is mature and includes flow diagramming, information architecture, wireframing, interaction design, prototyping, UI design, UI/UX specifications and style guides.

    • UX Design
      • User Stories & Scenarios
      • Persona Definition
      • Customer Journey Mapping
      • UI Design
      • User Experience Style Guide
      • Test Cases
      • Usability Audit
    • UI Design
      • Information Architecture
      • Interaction Design
      • Wireframe Design
      • Visual Design
      • User Interface Specifications
      • Clickable Prototypes
      • Usability Testing
    • Marketing
      • Brand Identity
      • Marketing Automation
      • Social Media
      • Presentation / Video
      • Paid / Earned Media
      • Product / Content Marketing
      • Experiential / Event


    Our technology team works with a wide-variety of solutions, and is always evaluating the best tools for the project. From consumer mobile apps to enterprise-scale business applications, our work is always built for reliability, flexibility, and scale. No two projects are the same, and no two products are built exactly the same way. We work closely with each client to identify the right technologies for the job.

    We offer full-stack development capabilities – our developers are experts in the latest standards and front-end frameworks as well as server-side platforms.

    Our agile process embraces iterative development to ensure collaboration, flexibility and accurate visibility into project status. Constant communication enables us to quickly address changing business needs and requirements and, most importantly, to ensure that the product and user experience designed is exactly the same that is built.

    • Development
      • Software Architecture
      • Big Data Analytics
      • Agile Methodologies
      • Full Stack
      • Mobile Application
      • HTML5 / Javascript
      • Responsive

    • Delivery
      • Cloud Architectures
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • SQL & noSQL Architectures
      • Backend as a Service / API
      • High Capacity Messaging
      • Content Management
      • E/M Commerce
    • Languages
      • Android, iOS, HTML5
      • D3, HighCharts, FusionCharts
      • AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap
      • Java, PHP, .Net/C#, ROR
      • Python, Ruby, Node.js, Scala
      • Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ
      • MongoDB, Aerospike, Neo4J

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